What do my clients say about my lessons?

“Julieta has been my yoga teacher for more than 3 years and I highly recommend her. She is an excellent teacher who is always adjusting the yoga session according to my needs, so that I can take full advantage of the practice. She has taught me everything I know about yoga and I am very grateful for that because it has helped me to gain more body strength and also patience. She is very commited and overall, a great teacher”

Verónica Melzi. Lima, Peru.

“Great, special and relaxing moments that I had during my pregnancy with Julieta’s lessons. All good memories of love and peace. I’m very grateful for it”

Julia Shimbo. Lima, Peru.

“Julieta have been my teacher for almost 4 years. Julieta offers you the complete package for a yoga practice. She is a teacher who allows you to connect thanks to her light, her calm, her authenticity, the love she carries inside and the passion for what she does. She knows when to demand you and when to support you to listen to your body.

Pamela Schroth. Lima, Perú.

“I decided to take yoga private classes when I began to go through a grieving process. A friend recommended Julieta to me and from the beginning I felt very understood and guided by her. Yoga has allowed me to connect with myself, to allow myself an hour alone, to be grateful for what I have and to feel and vibrate differently. I still have bad days from grief but yoga helps me calm down. Thank you Julieta for your guide, for your patience, empathy and transmitting peace and good vibes to me”

Dora Perez. Lima, Peru.

“I have been taking online lessons with Julieta for one year. I am a person who doesn’t like to get up early, however since I practice yoga with Julieta I feel like doing it. I am not a spiritual person but I do feel that I can connect with myself. The practice prepares me for the day and has helped me a lot in the pandemic. I feel that in Julieta’s classes I found my moment”

Cecilia Melzi. Lima, Peru.

“Thank you so much for being not only a good teacher throughout the process but also for constantly being aware of my physical and mental health in every lesson. I enjoyed the fact that you would personalize each lesson regarding how I felt not only physically but also mentally and work around that specific.
It is easy to work with and fun to be around, she knows how to talk to the student and make her relax but at the same time she would never let you have a bad posture that could affect you negatively.

Carla Devoto. Lima, Peru.

"My yoga practice has been on and off for many years. I started practicing with Julieta and she has been a blessing. Her compassionate and supportive approach has made starting again a pleasure and something I look forward to"

LeeAnn Vertolli. Toronto, Canada.

Thank you!!!

“Loving her yoga classes in the park!I’ve been to a half dozen now and I cannot say enough good things about Julieta’s class. She is the best and the class is so enjoyable.

Melissa Goulet. Toronto, Canada.

"So happy we met Julieta, she has made a huge difference to my suppleness and strength through Yoga and helped on the recovery of an a injured knee. She is been very knowledgeable and patient."

Sharon. E. Cooper. Toronto, Canada.

“Thanks to Julieta's yoga lessons I'm breathing better and having a better posture.

Sometimes during the day when I feel anxious I start stretching and breathing and it helps me a lot”

Natalia Rebella. Buenos Aires, Argentina